Your child can finally start designing games!

You've witnessed your child spend hours upon hours trying to get to the next level of a video game. Now is the time to level up your child in real life! Imagine being able to help your children design their very own video game. Win2Learn offers private and group tutoring services teaching the foundations of making games and writing code. Enroll in courses with us this now! Create an account with us and we will contact you with further information.

"Teaching kids game design and programming."Win to Learn, Inc.

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Schoology Not convinced? Not to worry. We are so confident in our private tutoring services, that we allow full public access to our online curriculum, for FREE! When you and your child fall in love after trying out some lessons, you can then contact us for information on further private tutoring.

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"Our son is your typical 6 year old boy who normally cannot sit still. His Win2Learn instructor Jessy Jo was patient, kind and encouraging with him and got him engaged and interested from the very start. This is a unique learning opportunity for your child and we highly recommend it."
-- Kara L., Manhattan

"You did a terrific job and offer a great service! It brought out an interest in my son that he found trouble expressing himself. Noah enjoyed the experience much more than he expected and loved sharing with his friends the 'wicked cool' game-building skills he learned."
-- Bud H., Manhattan

"I posted my game on my Facebook status. One of my friends played and said it was really challenging to get to the other side and that he loved it. I’m so happy.”
-- John V., Brooklyn

Sample Student Work

Check out some work done by our very own students. What will your child create with us?